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Healthier Eating in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Place your order online.

1. Place your order online.

Select from our wide variety of macro-balanced healthy dishes. Our menu changes every week!

2. We'll cook and deliver.

2. We'll cook and deliver.

Our staff will carefully prepare, cook, and package all of your meals. We'll have them delivered fresh to your doorstep twice a week.

3. You simply heat, eat and repeat!

3. You simply heat, eat and repeat!

Microwave for 1-3 minutes, heat in the oven or toss in a pan for some extra texture. Our meals are ready to be enjoyed in minutes!

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What Our Clients Have To Say

I’ve tried pretty much every meal prep service in Vancouver and as they were all okay nothing really impressed me. I had a friend who said try Crave, so I did , and havnt looked back. It’s simple, easy to order, healthy, great service but the best thing is the food actually tastes amazing! And there are always new things to order each week

Ryan W.

We only order 5-7 meals a week but every single one is always fresh, delicious and healthy. We both managed to trim a bit from our waistline too which is a bonus!

Parvin M.

I've been using Craves meal delivery service for over a year now and not only have they been amazing they somehow keep getting better. From the quality of food to their amazing service it's easy to see why they are the best in Vancouver.

Jade M.

My husband has been diagnosed with very high cholesterol and was struggling to find healthy lunch options. We receive 5 meals per week and are always happy with the quality and variety they offer while accommodating his restricted diet. After nearly a year, we are still very satisfied and have also seen a big improvement in his health!

Pam H.

My partner and I have been ordering meals from these guys from the start. They've only improved! the food is always delicious and healthy and the customer service has been amazing.

David H.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are meals delivered?

9 am-5 pm on Sundays and Wednesdays. You will be notified via text on the day of delivery at 8 am of your expected delivery window. You'll be notified again when your driver is on their way and once more when your package is dropped off at your doorstep. ~Please note, unfortunately, due to our always-changing delivery routes, we cannot accommodate exact delivery time requests under any circumstances. However, our packaging ensures the food can be left out safely for up to 2 hours. Please plan and select your delivery days accordingly.

What is the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery in metro Vancouver is based on zones and can vary between $9.50-$12.50. Your delivery charge will be calculated at the final step of the checkout based on your postal code. An additional $10 bag deposit fee also applies per 12 items ordered. 

Which areas do you deliver to?

The cities currently being served are as follows. Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Delivery outside of these zones will include additional delivery fees calculated based on your postal code. At this time we can not accommodate deliveries outside of the lower mainland BC.

How long does the food stay good for? Can I Freeze the meals?

The answer is highly dependent on the method of storage, as well as the ingredients in each meal. Our meals last minimum 5 days without any compromise to flavor or quality. We do include a “Best Before Date” label on all meals, however, this is only a recommendation and not considered a true expiry date. While much of the quality can be lost, the majority of our meals can be frozen for up to 3 months.

How can I customize my meals?

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any customization. You can use our Meal Prep Kits feature to purchase ingredients individually in bulk and mix and match as per your liking.

What do I do with the containers?

Removable top plastic layer from the container and simply throw the 100% plant-based tray in the compost. Recycle the film separately

What do I do with the insulated bags my food arrives in? what is a bag credit fee?

There is a $10 bag charge for every 12 items in your order. However we offer a $10 store credit to you if that bag that is returned to us upon your next delivery. Please note we absolutely do not arrange to pick up just the empty bags, Your empty bags are picked up and credited only on your next scheduled meal drop off. 

This is simply an incentive for returning/subscription clients to save on shipping costs and for us to reduce our environmental impact. The bag credit has no monetary value and is returned to your account ONLY as store credit. We do not charge for damaged, or faulty bags as long as the bag is returned to us. * Due to food safety regulations we can not deliver your food without a cooler a bag.

What If I am not home when the delivery arrives?

No worries, we will drop off the meals at your door and send you a confirmation text message. Simply leave the bag from the last delivery outside of your door and your new meals will be dropped off in a new bag at your door. Our food comes in an insulated packaging so you'll have approximately 2-3 hours to get to your delivery after the drop off. We strongly recommend you do not extend this time for food safety reasons. If you have any questions or for alternative drop off arrangements please contact info@cravehealthiness.ca

What is your policy on late changes or cancellations?

Cancellation Policy:

Under your profile, you can skip a delivery date. If you want to cancel your subscription, it is your responsibility to do so yourself on your profile or to contact us with that intention prior to the billing date. Failure to do so will not result in a refund. You can cancel at any time before your renewal date. If you would like to cancel after the renewal date but before the selection deadline, please note the following:

you are entitled to a 100% refund in store credit or a partial refund to your credit card (a 5% card processor fee will be deducted from the total for credit card refunds). If you cancel after the renewal date and after the selection deadline, under special circumstances you may receive 50% refund in store credit or a partial refund to your credit card (50% of the original charge minus a 5% card processor fee for credit card refunds). We reserve the right not to issue any refunds for any late cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery.

When are my bag credits returned to my digital wallet?

Your bag credits are returned to your account on the Tuesday following your last delivery day by 11:59 Pm.

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